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One Duplicator is an online store that provides a wide variety of Memory Duplicators from Hard Drive Duplicators, SD Duplicators, CF Duplicators and USB Duplicators. We also carry other duplicating machines such as CD Duplicators and DVD Duplicators. We have also included in our list some specialty duplicators such as Lightscribe Duplicators, Blu-ray DVD Duplicators and M-disc DVD Duplicators. Please feel free to browse our items and you may contact us for any questions you have regarding our duplicators.

Memory Duplicators: are a fairly new technology that can copy a memory card to a multiple memory card such as usb pendrive, secure digital (sd) memory card, compact flash (cf) memory card, hard disk drive (hdd) and solid state drive (ssd).

Hard Drive Duplicator: The Hard Drive Duplicator was created as an evolution of the DVD copier. Nowadays not only CD's or DVD's need replication, hard drives too. HDD copiers are a golden help for the system administrators that needs to duplicate dozens of hundreds of hard drive with the same information, especially because it clones the drives including all sectors.

Lightscribe DVD Duplicators: The LightScribe method uses the laser in a way similar to when plain data are written to the disc; a greyscale image of the label is etched onto the upper side of the disc. The LightScribe Duplicators allows users to create direct-to-disc labels (as opposed to stick-on labels), using their optical disc writer. Special discs and a compatible disc writer are required. Before or after burning data to the read-side of the disc, the user turns the disc over and inserts it with the label side down. The drive's laser then etches into the label side in such a way that an image is produced.

USB Drive Duplicator: The USB duplicators are a fast and reliable machine that can copy simultaneous many USB flash drives. Being a standalone machine, can copy USB in seconds, putting all the resources into a single process. USB Flash duplicator can help companies in many domains, from distribution to advertising, fast and secure.

SD Card Duplicators: A SD Memory Card duplicator can be a real help, whatever your domain is, photography, advertising, or any domain that interferes with the SD cards, you will see the advantages of using an SD copier. SD card duplicators are standalone machines that can copy simultaneously from a memory card to more in seconds.

CF Card Duplicators: Compact Flash (CF) Card copier was designed for photographers and mobile software developers that uses CF cards to distribute their products. CF duplicator features multiple copy options to ensure the fastest and safest solution to copy your memory cards.